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Thread: pny 4gb sdhc trouble

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    pny 4gb sdhc trouble

    hello all. i have been using a PNY 4gb sdhc card in my modded wii for several months now. programs have been taking longer and longer to load for the last month or two. finally, the wii wont run anything off the card anymore.
    when i start wiiflow, it never really starts. just returns me to the system menu.
    all the emulators say something about not finding fat.
    so its obvious, the card isnt being read anymore. i reformatted it in my pc and put everything back on it, still no go. i have a san disk 512mb that im using for now. the pny one works fine in my pc.
    so i know sdhc cards are funny in wiis. sometimes they work, sometimes they dont..

    my question.. is there a way to make it work? has there been any updates in the homebrew scene that allow sdhc cards to work just as well as sd cards?

    or should i just buy a new one? like 2gb. theyre cheap and widely available. so its not a problem. just thought id see if there was a way to make my pny one work.

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    It's really hit and miss with sdhc. I would get a 2GB scandisc since those are the best and inexpensive.

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    yeah i hear ya. so theres no patch or anything thatll make them work? what about reformatting them so that 2gbs is the fat32, and the other 2gb is unallocated? since only 2gbs would be getting read, would it still read as a hc card?

    i read partitioning an sd card is kind of a pain. so ill just spend a few bucks and get a 2gb one anyways. but does anyone know if that would be a way to make a sdhc card work?

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    No it wouldn't, an SD card and SDHC card are not the same thing. Partitioning it so it is 2GB will make no difference.
    Damn I suck!!!!


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