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Thread: There's 2 guides for 4.2. Is one more up to date than the other?

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    There's 2 guides for 4.2. Is one more up to date than the other?

    I softmodded my wii a while ago while it was on 4.1 but now my brother wants his doing so he can use a usb loader.

    He's on 4.2e.

    As the title states there's 2 seperate guides, Is one more up to date than the other.

    what one should i go with?

    It's an older wii (pal) so i think i'll be able to install install bootmii as boot2 if that makes a difference

    I'm sure they both work but i dont want to mod with an outdated version

    Thanks in advance

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    Shadowsonic2s Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii is pretty updated. A semi advanced guide by mauifrog can be found in the homebrew section. It was written last week.
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    Thanks Krank.

    That was a quick response...

    Just had a look at mauifrog's guide, it doesnt seem too advanced so i think I'll go with that one.

    I wont be doing it untill tomorow and will check back here before doing so, If someone else wants to add to what krank has to say i will be greatfully listening

    Thanks Ben

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    finaly just modding this wii.. i've been folowing the guide as suggested and all is going well up to this point.

    Step- 5 Update ios files and system menu
    Load HBC, Launch Dop-Mii v12
    Dop-Mii loads
    Select ios249- Press A
    Main Dop-Mii Menu

    Online install- install from NUS, this is best
    Offline install-install from SD, place wads in sd:\
    - IOS wads - Channel wads - SM wads -

    What do i do now?
    As i stated in previous post the wii is on 4.2
    I have thiese wads o nthe root of the sd

    Thanks in advance

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    That step is where he has you update the IOS. It is very simple using dop-mii. Check out Ciles guide on getting to know dop-mii in the recommended guides section. Any further questions regarding the guide should go in the softmod guide. Thanks.

    If your Wii is online then you can install the wads using Download from NUS option. If offline you need to download the files and put them on your SD card and choose Install From WAD Option.
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