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Thread: disc errors

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    disc errors

    Hi ,have fitted a dx a few days ago but have a few problems,have updated with wasabi 3 update, can get on to con fig menu ,its a pal wii running 4.1

    I put a backup game in and it plays for 5 or 10 mins then up pops disc error ,its started to annoy me ,have tried burning at lower speeds and im useing vert - dvds.
    Any help will be great Thanks

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    What game is it? Are you using the BCAfix patch? Make sure you're using an unmodified, unscrubbed image, run it through bcafix.

    Which Verbatim's are you using? I have found (using on multiple Wii's) that the 8x DataLifePlus work best, part number 94852. The cheaper regular Verbatim's don't work as well.


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