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Thread: Black screen wads/most up to date .zip

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    Black screen wads/most up to date .zip


    I have two questions.

    I just soft modded to my wii today and got it pretty much working, got some emulators working and SOME wads, the wads that don't work just turn the screen black and the controller doesn't work. I've seen many of the same type of threads, but what I'm what worried about is that all of those threads are from last year and kinda outdated and I don't want to brick my wii with old softmod ware. im running a 4.2 white wii.

    so my questions are.

    1. How can I stop the black screen/ dead controller when starting wads?

    2. Does anyone have a super up to date .zip with every file needed to play wads and more?

    Ive read mauifrog's softmod any wii, but i cant seem to find the non-korean .zip he wants 4.2 users to use

    I got my softmod files from LINK TO EXTERNAL GUIDE REMOVED
    because i suck at anything other then visual tutorials. ive done everything he asks, Make NAND.bin,bootmii,priiloader,.... im hoping it was a good set

    Thanks, sorry if this has been asked to death. also sorry if my whole post is all over the place....
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    I think if you actually read my guide you will find the files you need to do the guide without issue.

    I am supprised that you would be on 4.2 and have black screen issue, I would thing your ios should be up to date. Perhaps on is somehow corrupt.
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    Hi thanks for reply

    is the pack i need mod on your faq? or???

    any way to check what is corrupt?


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    I would think the dead controller is a sign that you didn't remove the stubbed IOS 249 etc. Do not link to external guides, thanks.

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    i uninstalled 222,223,249, and 250 still black screens...any other ideas?

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    You need to reinstall cIOS38 Rev 17 now that you deleted 249.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    hi krank, thanks for the reply

    I just followed shadowsonic2's softmod wii using his .zip to the T!

    now some more of the wads work, but like 3 others dont work still (black screen)

    is there some extra things i still need to do to play all wads? (wiiware,vc)



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