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Thread: Megaman 10 error 29000

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    Megaman 10 error 29000

    Hello and good nigh guys.

    I finally got my wii online and got MEgaman 10 DLc working, but i'm having a strange problem not registered on wiihack forum ( tried search ok?)

    Only in Megaman 10, when i try see the ranking on all online modes (endless or time atack, it happens in any of those rankings) it gives me the error 29000 code, it says i don't have enough space . But it's not tru, in fact, i have few things installed on my wii, and i have more than 1000 blocks free. can wiihacks help me?

    Just to know, Rankings on Megaman 9 works fine.

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    no one? i got even make my connection better and that not solved. Maybe its some system prob? i will unninstal channels and see what happens. my wi fi signal seems ok.


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