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Thread: Help - Copying Save Files From Wii to an SD Card

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    Us Help - Copying Save Files From Wii to an SD Card

    Okay so I want to copy my wii game save to an sd card, but since I have already hooked it up to the internet it will not let me do so. I've heard a lot of people say its not possible, but after reading some posts on here, I'm seeing that there are some ways to possibly get around this. I am looking to unlock the ability to copy these kind of 'locked' games. I am new to the hacking sort of thing, but I am quite competent when it come to computers. I think I could handle dealing with programs to do something. However, I do instructions on what programs to download and how to use them. Any help would be greatly appreciated [:

  2. #2 -- Save Game Manager.
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    what programs do I need to download? I've read through so many pages but nowhere does it simply state which things you need.. ]:

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    You need Save game manager like I said. You can get it at as well as info on how to use it...sorry I don't know what you are looking for other then that.
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    Okay I'll look into that, Thank you [:

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    Priiloader hack options can do the work too, i just don't remember the option name now, but, when it enabled you can copy saves to ds card (even with the "copy" and "Move" option looking disabled, it copy anyway, it work here)


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