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Thread: ios55 v5406?

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    ios55 v5406?

    Hey people. I was having problems with MH3. Did the searching, and found I needed ios55v5149. I ran DopMii and saw I had ios55v5406 currently installed, as it showed as the latest version. I changed it to ios55v5149, and the game works now(big surprise, right?) It's amazing what happens when you do stuff that is required!!

    My question is this: What does v5406 do? What is it required for to run? Opera? I can't seem to figure this one out.

    I enjoy MH3, but if I need to constantly upgrade, downgrade, upgrade to run other games, just for this one, I don't think it's worth it.

    Anyone have any ideas? I appreciate the answers I'll (hopefully) get. Thanks in advance!!

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    I have ios55-v5404 install, it works just fine. You should not need to downgrade any ios, perhaps your ios55 was just corrupt.
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    Same with me. After installing IOS222/223 on my 4.1u soft modded wii, MH3 still would not run until I installed the newest version of IOS55 which was v5149. I got all my files from you guys except IOS55v5149.

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    MH3 works with IOS55 v4633, that's what I have installed, but wouldn't work until I used IOS223 to boot with.
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