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Thread: 'An error has occurred. Press the Eject....'

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    'An error has occurred. Press the Eject....'

    is anyone finding they are getting this message when they are putting in disks? i am using an old dvd drive [gc2-d1] in a newish wii. i swapped drives in the hope that i could use dvd's and sd's. i have managed to update the fusion [1.2] but everytime i press reset to upload a game on sd, it just reloads without showing any game where the gamecube icon was. having burnt with verbaitm dvd-r and setting the iso to 249 on the games prior to burning, when i load them i am just faced with 'an error has occurred' message... original games are still working fine... im at a total loss, anyone got any advice, would be realy appreciated.

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    Why are you setting the ios to 249? If you had ios249, why would you be using a chip? Try to burn the disk using its default ios. You can't patch the ios of a disk iso unless you have patched your system ios with the trucha bug. So, don't fakesing your iso and they should work.
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    cheers for the reply mauifrog

    i set the ios to 249 after whatching a you tube vid on how to burn wii games, thinking i might be doing something wrong, and the patch for setting the ios was the only thing i wasn't doing, so i gave it a try. the disk isn't reading regarding of what ios i have it set on. im going to try again with a differant game.

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    Hi i have wiikey Fusion with 1.04 update but with some games i have the 002 error
    can some one explain how to deal with this

    PS: I have a new black wii

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