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Thread: How can I load my NAND file with Bootmii as an IOS

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    Ca How can I load my NAND file with Bootmii as an IOS

    I recently modded by Wii LU65 v4.1u with uloader, neogamma and preloader .29(HBC would not work)

    When I was in preloader I(in an exhausted state, tryin to get HBC to work) Installed Boot.elf that I believe is for the Bannerbomb.

    Now I get a black screen on boot-up, and only after holding reset can I get preloader, and then access the wii menu.Im confused as to what the problem really is as I can get both working, just not after reset.

    I would like to load my NAND file back in as it was before I had preloader working, but being that Bootmii is in IOS form it says it cant find my NAND file. And continuing would be a bad idea.

    So, how can I do this or is there another option I may have to get my Wii to boot up normaly.

    Thx for any hlep.

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    No need to load a NAND backup. I don't think preloader can boot to a .elf file, and even if it could the one you used is the issue. Always load bannerbomb using one of the guides.

    - Load Preloader (hold reset + press power), navigate down to Settings.
    - Change autoboot = system menu
    - and return to = system menu (or whatever you want to load when you exit a game)

    Should be fixed up. Don't change autoboot back to Installed File unless you've loaded a .dol that's compatible with preloader. And if you aren't sure what that is, best not to mess with it unless you want to run into this again.

    Make sure when working with Preloader to follow a guide, and not just try things at random. That goes for any softmodding until you're sure what you're doing.

    You might consider updating to Priiloader as well, but it isn't required.

    Also for the future, loading a NAND backup with Bootmii/IOS is possible but should anything interrupt the process you'll be left with a doorstop. A nice Wii-looking doorstop, but a doorstop.
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    Preloader will not boot the new jodi HBC. Install into preloader if you want preloader to autoboot the hbc.
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    Wow, you two are awesome. Thx so much. Nice and easy fix. Im glad I waited instead of tryin more random buttons.

    Kudos to you and this site.


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