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Thread: New to with multiple RARs files

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    New to with multiple RARs files

    Just finished softmodding my Wii.
    Downloaded Sponge Bob Boating bash...which came in 17 RAR files.
    They are all in the same folder.

    I have been trying to unzip all to put on DVD-R, unsuccessfully.
    I I were to use an external USB HDD, how would I transfer these 17 files into the USB HDD to play in the Wii console?

    First, I'd appreciate guiding me through the extracting of these 17 RAR files, as I have been trying just about everything to no avail.

    Thank you much.

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    Assuming you are using a pc, just right-click the first rar file and select "extract here". It should take 2-5 mins, depending on the size of the game. Then there should be a new file at the top of the list with a .iso extension. As for putting the game on a hdd, search for WBFS manager. If you are on a mac, I have no idea, but again, just search the forum; I'm sure someone knows.

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    right click on the RAR at the top of the list and select extract here. winrar will unzip all of the parts as one ISO in the same folder as the 17 parts. You will find the complete ISO by looking at the file size of the rar's, the full ISO should be over 4GB.

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    When I do that, it's giving me errors as the archive is unkown or damaged.
    I used flashget.
    I am on a PC with XP.

    Which downloader is the best for downloading multiple RAR files for Wii games?

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    If you have file hosting sites links (such as Rapidshare, Megaupload, and Hotfile), use JDownloader. It's a bit of a system hog on older computers, but does an extraordinary job.

    Also, about the error, redownload the archive which is damaged, its probably just a bad download. Or you can redownload all archives. If the problem persists, find another set of links.


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