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Thread: Wont read any discs now?

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    Wont read any discs now?

    kids updated the softmodded wii to 4.2e - have not gotten around to softmodding it again but they have been playing original games on it ok until was making a loud noise and eventually gives the black screen with message"an error has occured..Press eject..." when on the main screen the picture in top left just shows a grey disc will not pick up the original disc in drive.

    Any ideas what to do? does it mean the drive has died?

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    yep, your dvd drive is dead or almost dead-
    re-softmod your wii and play of a usb loader.

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    The DVD Drive is having his last breath. If you wanna keep playing with the use of DVDs, then you have to get another DVD Drive. Otherwise, the USB loaders is what you are looking for. It's faster, and easier to use.

    Follow this guide to softmod your 4.2 Wii.
    To find out which HDD you should buy, this list will be of assistance.
    After that, follow this guide to prepare your external HDD for playing back-ups.
    To protect yourself against kids updating the Wii again, then this is what you are looking for.

    Best of luck
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