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Thread: DScovered - a coverflow for the NDS

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    DScovered - a coverflow for the NDS

    I started DSCovered for the same reasons as DSision and DSision2, I still think that the default firmware used on DS flash carts is ugly and boring. The DS homebrew scene has been around for a few years now, yet the interfaces for the carts required are often little more than a plain text list of filenames. So Iím trying to change that.

    DSCovered is based on the look of Apples very popular coverflow system, where you can see the cover art from your media flick past as you select something to load. The poor DS can barely manage this, but I think I did a very good job with this one.

    Homebrew games and applications should be able to load on ANY cart, as the internal loader is specifically designed for that in mind. Extra functionality, such as soft-reset is only available on certain slot-2 cards through a secondary loader. These secondary loaders and not available from here, however there are full instructions included in the download.

    DOWNLOAD - DScovered (4-28-2010)
    Source - DSCovered - Spinal Code

    DScovered is compatible with the following flashcarts

    R4 - wood, ysmenu
    M3 DS Real/iZero

    I have installed DScovered on my AK2i / DSi XL, and it works great. The only thing I don't like is that there were not cover images for some of the games, so a default image was used. The installation was easy and so was downloading the covers, instructions for the listed flashcarts is provided. Since I don't own all of the listed flashcarts, I will not give support for this application, you are on your own.


    WiiHacks has a sister website, DSiHacks - DS / DSI / DSI XL Hacks - DS/DSI Hacks and Homebrew Community
    If you haven't already, go create an account there.
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