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Thread: dying wii

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    dying wii

    i hae a wii on 3.2e and was working fine uptill last week when my daughter got new super mario bros she didnt know it had an extra special bit courtsy of nintendo now everytime i try to play anygams i get a blank black screen having trawled the web thru various sites with no luck i was advised to rturn my wii back to a irgin state howver made a mistake and deleted my hbc now i have no control over anything i have trie to reinstall the homebrew i have downlded various things hackmii/bootmii/bannerbomb/hbc/nandbackupremover/hackremove/ etc etc etc.....
    after spending all day trying to reinstall hbc im at the point of giving up .....
    i feel as though every thing i try it gets worse and worse .....

    could any one please help me wits end i have tryed various different method of installing this and that ...but still nothing does anyone know of a step by step guide with picts if poss......

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    As it sounds like a brick of a sort, moved to the bricked section. You may wish to elaborate, like NSMB or SMG2. Whether you had BootMii installed when this happened and if as boot2 or IOS. I'm guessing most likely no, but still have to ask. Also would be helpful to know if you followed a wiihacks softmodding guide (betting not). Did you have Priiloader installed? You mention black screen, but then go on to say you still had access of a sort --- this is confusing.

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    What exactly happens when you try to run the hackmii installer?
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