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Thread: DOPMII problem.

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    DOPMII problem.

    Hi. I just began hacking a wii I got this morning. It has firmware 4.2, so i had to restore the trucha bug with dopmii. I followed the instructions as stated at we hack wii, but I made a mistake in that I hit A to load IOS15 v257 into memory, as opposed to loading from an SD card by selecting another option. now I do not know what to do to go back to that option to redo it. can anyone help?

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    You can try to do the step again

    or do this

    extract to sd:\
    Load HBC, launch bootmii
    Trucha Bug Restorer loads
    Press B- contintue without ios reload
    Don't be impatient, wait, read, press 1
    Select IOS36 menu- press A
    Set the following-
    Install IOS to slot: 36
    Patch hash check (trucha): YES
    Patch ES_Identify: YES
    Patch nand permissions: YES
    Patch version check: YES
    Select Install patched IOS36- press A
    <Load IOS from sd card> Press A
    Press A to start the install...
    Press any button to exit...
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    Ok. so I was a bit busy over the weekend and did not get a chance to try this until just now. I started up bootmii, but I have an issue with bootmii now. I cannot seem to control it with the wiimote. I thought it was frozen at first until I realized that when I press the power button on the wii, it cycles though the options in bootmii. which would be ok except for the fact that thats the only button that does anything, I cant select any options, only cycle through them. any help?

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    You select with the RESET button. If that doesn't work then you need a gamecube controller.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Ok, update. I deleted the old stuff that i had on the sd card and that seemed to fix it. thanks!

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    yeah reset did just that, reset. haha

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    DOP Mii not recognized

    I downloaded and unzipped DOP-Mii into my SD.. but when SD is loaded in the Wii, the DOP-Mii is not recognized in the HB channel.. nothing appears except the bubbles..

    Please help.


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