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Thread: WiiKey Fusion not running backups!

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    WiiKey Fusion not running backups!

    I ordered my WiiKey Fusion and have a D3 drive. Everything works fine menu-wise and installing was easy, but the darn thing will not run Wii Backups. It starts every game, and when it gets to the main menu, it says "Please insert the Wii game disc" on the a black screen. Any ideas?

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    is at a d3-2 drive???
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    No, its a d3 drive because I looked it up on, and typed in my serial number. It is 100% D3 it says.

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    Have you updated to the latest v1.2 for the Wiikey Fusion? This i believe fixes this error.

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    Yes I have updated to v1.2 and it all that solved is the ejection problem.

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    Will it play any backups, either from SD or the DVD.

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    It will play everything except for Wii Backups

  8. #8 isn't always accurate. Besides, I think ANY D3 drive is fail. I think you're missing something from it. actually said I had a 100% chance of D3-2 yet I'm amazed that they're wrong, and I'm running DVDs just fine, and I got my Wii for Christmas, after August when these supposed new drives were to ship out.

    You do realize that you have a Wiikey Fusion, which can run backups from your SD card?

    EDIT: I'm wrong. There are regular D3 drives that are said to work. Still, I think you're getting the wrong information from

    You may have installed it wrong too if it can't read from SD, so you should try that out.
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    Should I wipe everything and start over, softmodding that is?

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    stupid wii key fusion

    i am getting the same issue, this is only on certain games though. the game shows up in the windows screen when first booting up the wii, but when you click on Start, it goes through and then shows the please insert disc message. It's not the way im recording my dvd as my friend has a drivekey and works for him but not on the wii key fusion for sme reason.

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