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Thread: black screen??

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    black screen??

    I was using Dogeggs' guide to update from 3.4 to 4.1, i had bootmii as an ios..keys bin but nand failed to copy properly.
    I'm not sure which step i was up to, but power went off and when we got power back wii will not do anything. Green light comes on cant get wiimote to sync and just ablack may have been trying to initialise a network when power went out. (I do have a nand back up from another wii)
    Can anyone give me a hand. I did try savemii with gamecube controller but dont know if im doing that right.

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    If the power went out during system menu install or priiloader install your screwed, sorry but that is a bad time to lose power.

    Probably the only way to fix it is to have the nand reprogrammed. Send it out or do it yourself, depending on your abilities.

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    Thanks for that, i thought it was going to be my new wheel chock.i think im in the market for a new wii, good thing this was a cheap second hand one.
    By the way i have read many posts from yourself and just want to thank you for the tips n stuff much appreciated.


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