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Thread: Help emulating the PS1 games on Wii.

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    Us Help emulating the PS1 games on Wii.

    I have a 4.1U wii with homebrew channel installed and I'm asking which emulator for ps1 is the best for emulating Chrono Cross. I have both cd's with .bin and .cue.
    I looked at WiiSX and PCSX-Revolution, but there are some compatability problems with WiiSX having Slurred sound, colors in videos get messed up (green instead of blue and a lot of purple). They say it's playable, but I don't want to have green instead of blue and a lot of purple. I don't consider that playable..
    Can someone help me out here.

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    They're the only programs that i know of that can emulate the PS

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    Do you know if PCSX-Revolution has any similar problems similar to WiiSX? I'm trying to find the most stable release to play Chrono Cross.


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