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Thread: New Wii System Update??

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    Question New Wii System Update??

    HI, i have a 4.2E korean regionchanged wii.
    Recently I have succesfully updated to 4.2E thanks to darkcorp without 003 error with wad manager.
    I tried to accept wii agreement/contact to use shop channel thinking that I have the newest system version, but surprisingly it asked me to update so i clicked yes without worry thinking its just a check for updates (priiloader blocks updates so it wouldnt get further than downloading ) than it gave a messege that the update will check my wii for unotherized software.. delete it.. might brick.... hold power 4 seconds to cancel. So i didnt go further and power off the wii. I read many threads about new updates for wii but non confirmed that there is one, they said that its only rummers.

    I know i shouldnt update but im curious is this a 4.3, 5.0, or just a 4.2 reinstall
    Thanks in advance.
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    This is most likely the Wii Shop update that was released after 4.2. Your System will remain at 4.2 but this update still checks for Homebrew. I'd advise using the Wii Shop and iOS61 Installer (can be found on the site) to safely upgrade the channel without losing your homebrew.

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