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Thread: Should I be doing anything else?

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    Should I be doing anything else?

    Hi there, this may be a silly question.

    I have a bunch of PAL games and wanted to play them on my NTSC Wii 4.2U. I have followed all the steps for softmodding, homebrew channel etc, I ripped my games and put them on a capatible USB hard drive, loaded onto drive with WBFS manager and have them all working using the USBloader and forcing NTSC.

    Everything works wonderfully!

    Somehow I feel it was too easy and that I am maybe missing a step. Should I be using priiloader or something to block any attempted updates? I have just been using the usb loader and playing. I am not online with the wii. Do I need to worry about buying a new game and having it update?

    I'd also like to thank everyone who put in the work to make this all possible!

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    It is a simple as that. However I definitely recommend installing priiloader and enabling block disk and online update hacks.
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    Thank you very much for your reply, it puts my mind at ease.

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    No problem. When you install your games to a WBFS drive it automatically removes the update partition. So you will never get an update prompt from a game when playing from USB. However there are many other situations where you WILL be prompted to update. That is why Priiloader is not only important, but very useful. Install it once and forget about it.
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    I have softmodded IOS249 and not boot2, do I need to make a NAND backup? I've been trying the HOME button on HBC and loading bootmii, and I keep getting taken to the WAD manager. Is that where I am supposed to be?

    Some threads say to backup NAND if you are boot2 and some say it's a good idea to regardless. Either way I cannot seem to get any menu to display a NAND backup option. Maybe I have the wrong files/folder locations on SD card?


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