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Thread: Transfer Cable Help AND Jtag Help

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    Us Transfer Cable Help AND Jtag Help

    Ok so i want to mod my split screen for mw2 for aimbot and Unlimited Ammo and Rapid Fire but i dont know what to use, wether i download it from Modio or i get it from myself, it never works why? and i wanna know how to install a JTAG for my Regular XBOX.

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    Not sure on the 360 cheats....never have and never would. But for all xbox mods (360 and original) look here

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    Well for Split Screen modding
    You need to clear your systems Catch (Removes patches) By going to system setting memory and pressing (Y) im not sure if this is 100% correct im doing it by memory :P
    Download a Gamesave from modio
    USE YOUR profile info (Console id and stuff)
    Rehash and resign

    For Jtagging your going to need an old dash xbox (pre NXE)
    then theres a tut here How to Jtag your Xbox OMG NO WAY! -
    make sure your xbox is jtaggable first :P


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