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Thread: The wiikey fusion

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    The wiikey fusion

    I installed a new wiikey fusion yesterday and i must say "dissapointed" .... the only real downfall is the fact that you can't select games with the wiimote , you must use the reset button on the wii, also after you have played a game from the Sd card and ejected it you must reboot system to view SD game list again "everytime". There is one advantage to it, saving the wear and tear on your HD. It was easy to install and seems to work good otherwise BUT after installing wiiflow last week on my dauhters wii paired with a 500gb HD comparison , the usb HD wiiflow is by far the best mod i have done to her wii, it works really good. The fusion would be an alternative for those who don't want to tackel the softmod scene to get wiiflow installed.

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