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    Alright so I want to play Fragile Dreams (original disc, no backup) on my PAL Wii, but I haven't updated to 4.2 and don't intend to, either.

    Tried to load the game with GeckoOS, screen went green, Wii made a bunch of noise like it tried to read the disc, and then the screen went black with an error message somewhat like "Remove the disc, turn system off, look at manual".

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    Green screen is usually an out of region game. Try loading with neogamma and forcing your region. Also I think that game has 4.1 but games are not system menu dependent, they use IOS to run.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Weird, Gecko should've taken care of region, as well as missing IOS.
    Forcing PAL didn't work with Gecko either, so I guess it wouldn't be any different with neogamma...?

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    Neogamma is a better loader and you can manually force the video settings. Give it a shot.

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    Alright, will do.
    One question about it though, I need a custom IOS right? I haven't really done anything aside from installing HBC yet.


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