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Thread: Immediate Help :(

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    Immediate Help :(

    getting a wii next month . wanted to know the difference between a japanese wii and a american wii . the japanese wii is way cheaper than the american wii .why is that? is it possible to easily soft mod the jap wii without any problems? after soft mod can i play all d games??

    is the japanese wii and korean wii same?

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    You need "immediate help" on something you're not to receive til next month? Any Wii can be softmodded (including Korean, Japanese). No, they're not the same in terms of language. I hope you speak Japanese

    Failing that, you could source Any Region Changer (ARC) to say change it to U instead of J. Japanese, like U, is NTSC. Korean Wiis, I'm not sure (NTSC/PAL) but that's irrelevant as you state Japanese.

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    sorry i might be getting it sooner than expected in the next week . i suppose . is the korean wii and japanese wii the same thing/make . or are both different . ? the guy who i was buying it from today told me TO NOT go for a JAPANESE WII because in case it gets connected to the internet it blacks out . and the motherboard has to be replaced. he said the best are american wii's? but since the jap wii was cheaper i was considering it . im condused

    ps: just found out that he has loaded neogamma loader on the wii . is that good ? can i put backups on a pen drive and play it from there ?

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    Korean = ntsc
    All wiis are basically the same.
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