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Thread: Hack to update shop channel without changing IOS version

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    Hack to update shop channel without changing IOS version

    Wii Shop and IOS51 installer is a very quick modification of PatchMii modified by Muzer that does one thing: It installs the new IOS51 and Wii Shop Channel, without installing the patches to all the other IOSes. This means that as long as you didn't update, you can now install this to use the Wii Shop Channel but keep all the benefits of not having the update.

    Anybody at all could have made this, just everyone is too busy at the moment, so I figured I would make it. It's literally modifying 4 lines of code and commenting out a bunch of stuff. Because of this I didn't bother to include the source in the package, but if anyone wants me to, I'll happily include it.

    This does not have the same effects as updating, so you get the best of both worlds.

    You can do this on any system menu version and it will work fine, keeping the system menu version you have.

    I made the program as two separate dol files, because it's easier and quicker for me that way, if this lasts a while I'll make a version that combines the two files.

    NOTE: TAKE OUT ANY GAMECUBE MEMORY CARDS/CONTROLLERS AND USB DEVICES BEFORE INSTALLING ANYTHING. The first time one person installed the IOS51, and Shop Channel. One person had a Gamecube memory card, and a wireless adapter in the Wii, and it didn't install correctly. But after taking out all Gamecube items, re-installed everything and it worked fine. Axelpaxel was the one that found that USB devices did it too.

    Instructions: Simply load one file, then the other. It does not matter in which order you load them. Use any method.


    Update: Matthew_8 has kindly repackaged my app into a more noob friendly version which is formatted for the homebrew channel. Download:

    Update2: I think I fixed a weird bug many people were having:

    Update3: Source code:

    Another version (by tona) exists which will install both IOS51 and the Shop Channel in the same installer. It also will patch the signature hash check out of IOS51 for you (fakesign bug), although this is pretty useless.


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    so yea this is great an all but none of these links work for me...i don't even have tar. can't you use megaupload or something?

    edit: oops this is ancient, sorry nvm

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    i have 4.1u and im wondering if i do the update for the shop channel will that wreck the softmod?

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    Old thread, no longer current.

    Closed so no more muppets post here with questions.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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