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Thread: Really Another Monster Hunter Thread [cIOSX installer (v19) and IOS mods]

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    Lightbulb Really Another Monster Hunter Thread [cIOSX installer (v19) and IOS mods]

    Hi all, first post so please take this into account.

    I, as by the looks of it many, fell into the trap of updating cios 249 using ios 37 as a base (via ciosx rev19 - monster hunter fever : -) and in turn broke the wad manager (error -1029)

    Ok, so my question/s are :

    Is it updating IOS 249 only?

    When loading cIOSX installer from homebrew channel im greated with a page that asks :

    "Select IOS version to use during installation : (ios 249 is default)

    At the bottom of the page is displayed "NOTE : Custom IOS will be installed as IOS249!"

    Now if I select ios 250 and continue to use 38 as a base then will this update ios 250 or will it be locked on to 249 (with base 38) as the note suggests?

    Any good feedback would help my appearent logic error.

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    Let's make it simple: all wiihacks softmodding guides call for IOS 249 Rev 14 (Messie) or 17 (all others). We have a Recommended Guide for Monster Hunter, I suggest you follow it --- this has nothing to do with cIOS-X Rev 19.


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