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Thread: Moster Hunter Tri

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    Moster Hunter Tri

    Well, I know this has been asked thousands of times, but lurking isn't giving me straight answers, sorry about this.

    I just got me Monster Hunter Tri, and it asks me to update, what I want to know is that if is it safe to apply this update?

    My Wii is hardmodded with D2Ckey and also softmodded with the tutorial Doggegs provided in this site, but I mostly use the hardmod to play games (I use the softmod for games that only works with a backup loader, like New Super Mario Bros Wii, and such), this is getting me kinda confused since I keep listening "Don't update from disk if you have a softmod it will brick you" or "OH GOD THIS GAME GIVES ME A BLACK SCREEN AND A BUZZING SOUND WHEN I TRY TO LOAD IT".

    Also it's kinda hard to make the game run in the disk channel, I had to try like 4 times before it actually worked and I don't want to get a DRE while it's intalling the update (I already had to live through that, it wasn't pretty, good thing I had a backup of the NAND).

    So what I want to know is:
    Do I apply this update or I have to patch my IOS with something?

    I'm on 4.1u by the way.
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    Since you're a hybrid hard/soft user, don't accept the update --- it may well kill your softmod. You really ought to install Priiloader and enable block disc-based updates and online updates. Requires IOS 60 patched first (something that you should have if you followed the guide you mentioned; why didn't you install Priiloader then?)


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