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Thread: WAD Manager not working

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    Unhappy WAD Manager not working

    WAD Manager 1.4
    Wii System Menu 4.1u

    WAD Manager will not install anything, giving me an return value of -2011. I've searched the internet for solutions, but none seem to work. I've tried downgrading, but IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad doesn't install with WAD Manager (it gives me -1035), and an Google search for that doesn't help much. I was trying to install cIOSX rev 19 using a network installation - that also gives me -2011. Can someone help me with this, or link me to a guide to solve this problem?

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    So, you didn't bother to search the Error Index and you're using a non-recommended cIOS (aka cIOS-X Rev 19).

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    I didn't know there -was- an error index, and what cIOS am I supposed to use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arxanas View Post
    I didn't know there -was- an error index, and what cIOS am I supposed to use?
    Yup, you'd have gotten much-needed information if you posted in the Intro Section of the site first. Here ya go:

    [You'll want Dogegg's any 3.1 to 4.1 softmod guide]

    Welcome to:

    Welcome to the Ultimate Nintendo Wii Community. As with all good things there are rules that must be followed, A copy can be found here: Wiihacks Site Rules --- To search is power, and to choose to not search can Lead to Failure please read our Wiihacks Ultimate Searching Guide to learn that manu ways that you can search for your desired information. --- When/If your thread is closed it was for a good reason and please read ??_When My Thread is Closed_??


    Below are some basics that you will need on your journey!!

    Please start here our: Wiihacks Master Index, it contains many great links and if a great asset.
    There are two different routes that you can choose for modding your wii. You can either Hard-mod your wii with mod-chips or you can Soft-mod. We have a in-house trusted supplier for mod-chips Here, very trusted site, and great customer service. When and if you going to hard-mod your wii there is a great section here on the forum. Mod-Chip Section
    On the Flip-Side you can soft-mod you wii using only a SD Card... The guides that are here have been tried and tested and do work... DON'T FOLLOW FAIL-TUBE VIDS.... The first step that you need to do is find out what system menu version your wii is. After you find out that piece of information there are two guides that you can use.
    If you are on 3.1-4.1 system menu you can use the guide by dogeggs: [[Guide]]
    If you are on the 4.2 system menu the you can use the guide by Shadowsonic2: [[Guide]]
    Along the journey of modding your wii you might run into errors when trying to mod the software or install software on your wii. Members have created a list for this and can be accessed here: Wiihacks Error Index, most if not all of the errors are in there and how to fix them. If there is a certain guide that you are looking for or dont know if there is one yet well look no further: Wiihacks Guide Index (by username)
    Please abide by the rules and make everyone here feel at home with how you post and conduct yourself, We all are here to help. Please enjoy and WELCOME TO THE ULTIMATE WII HACKS COMMUNITY. Like any great things there are costs that are incurred, Please help us with those costs by donating to wiihacks: Wiihacks Donate () If/when you do donate (we appreciate it) drop by and let us know: Donations
    Other than the seems like endless info that is available on this forum check out the other neat aspects of wiihacks:
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    This wad is no longer needed. Follow the updated guide linked above.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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