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Thread: strange minster hunter error

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    strange minster hunter error

    i've played monster hunter online many times before on disc....
    but now my disc drive is broke so im using the configurable usb loader method
    unfortunately when i try to go to the city the loading bar goes to 75 percent then says
    disconnected error code - and its either 11690 or 11069 something like that ^_^
    is it the region? i think its pal and i use a a pal wii so i dont understand why its not connecting :/
    any help guys

    (edit) dam, can't change the title sorry guys for mispelling before someone corrects me

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    Codes like that are nintendos error codes. Go to their website and see if there is something there that explains what they mean. Doesn't sound like a softmod issue to me.

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    From what little I can tell, it has to do with the server a user is connecting to.

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    ahh thanks for replys guys, think its something to do with the region setting though?
    because me and my friend were going to play but he could get online but i couldn't so maybe i need to set it to NTCS (sp?) to be able to get online?
    ill check the error tomorrow cant go on now


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