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Thread: Black screen when loading mods

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    Black screen when loading mods

    i get a black screen when trying to load files in the homebrew channel on the WII does anyone no how i can fix this problem. happens on cIOS installer and backup loader are the 2 that keep getting this. and how do you exit these screens. i just pull the chord out the back which i no is bad. anyone anwser? or can direct me to a proper link?

    sorry and thanks for looking
    mods on the wii are
    Bootmii-on boot2
    Truche bug restorer

    the wii is at 4.2U

    black screen at

    cIOSCORP_3.5 (said i needed it to play backups)
    cIOS installer
    Backup Launcher

    is private (the file) neededon the memory card?
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    we need to know more about your wii.... sys menu and things loaded on your wii....

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    No need to pull the cord from the back, just press the power button for 5 seconds and the Wii will power down.

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    Download --

    Backup and format your SD. Extract the files to the Root of your SD.

    SD in the Wii , Click the SD Icon on the Wii menu -- Load boot.dol. Syscheck should start.

    Paste the results here.
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