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Thread: super mario bros wad

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    super mario bros wad

    I found a wad of the original super mario brothers for the NES. I actually found two versions.

    I need help loading it. ShowMiiWads says one is IOS17, and the other IOS9

    in the WAD installer, do I select that ios when installing? or do I need to install that IOS first?

    I tried to install using the mentioned IOS but I get an error.

    thanks for the help.

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    No, you most always use IOS249 to install anything with Wad Manager. You my friend should have priiloader installed before installing any wads. You seem like somebody who will need it.

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    how will priiloader help me?

    sorry, as you can see, I am very new to this.

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    You can search for priiloader here at wiihacks and read a little bit about it. It will help you for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lumangoy View Post
    how will priiloader help me?
    It'll help prevent you from doing something dumb (like using IOS 9 or 17 to install that wad) that can brick your Wii.

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    Have you previously softmodded, and if so was it via the guide you cite? Make sure IOS 70 is patched first. I believe that's D6; then do D7. I don't recommend "mixing and matching" guides if this is not the one you've followed. This is also under the assumption 4.2 since you linked to that guide...

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    no, I used some other guide... yes, I do have 4.2u

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    "Some other guide" <> wiihacks guide. You can try it, results not guaranteed since you choose to follow said "some other guide."

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    is it ok to start from scratch then using the wiihacks guide?

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