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Thread: Green Day Rock Band (genuine) with Softmodded Wii

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    Green Day Rock Band (genuine) with Softmodded Wii

    Hi Guys,
    Bit of a newbie in this market, but I just bought GD RB with the RB1 Band In a Box instruments and for the life of me I cannot get the guitar and the drums to work.

    Loading with the original disc is a no-go because of the Wii update which can (I believe) brick my Wii. Launching a USB version of the game with Neogamma rc8 does not make the instruments work - however launching the original disc through Neogamma makes the mic work, but nothing else. Both instruments are lit up, so I think they work.

    1- Is there anyway I can bypass the Wii update and launch from the Wii menu (Priiloader seems to be an option, but I have not much clue about how to go about this)
    2- Is there anything that I need to load Neogamma with to make the instruments work (other than the mic)

    Help will be welcomed - singing is great with GD, but let's face it, it's all about the guitars and the drums, innit ?

    Cheers !

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    Same problem here

    Hello all,
    I am having the same problem if anyone can help please post.


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    Did you guys look up the Guitar Hero 5 setup? It uses the same thing for all the GH and RB Games. make sure you are using ios 223.

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    I have Guitar Hero 5 working fine. I think that ios 223 is for loading the game through USB Harddrive. I thought that there might be a new ios for the new Green Day game.

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    Doesn't NeoGamma only load through 249? I can't get mine to change, anyways... If it is the case, you should use another loader that allows for other cIOSs (uLoader, WiiFlow, GX).

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    Correct. Neogamma does not support hermes cIOS and probablly never will. ( Configurable USB Loader is my favorite)
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    i used USB loader, running just like Gh5, and it still doesn't work

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    Any update on this? I have the same issue...

    I softmoded to 4.1 using this guide -

    It worked like a charm and I haven't had any issues playing my "real" and backup games. I recently was trying to get a backup of Guitar Hero 5 to work with the instruments and used this guide -

    Now my real copy of Green Day RB just goes to the error code 002 blue screen (it worked before with the softmod). I can't figure out what to do now, I've searched these boards and online and can't find a solution.


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