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Thread: Pal games on ntsc wii - best solution for a noob?

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    Pal games on ntsc wii - best solution for a noob?


    I just bought a NTSC wii. I'm still waiting for delivery, but trying to get informed, so i can safely softmod. While doing my research, i got confused about how to load PAL games.

    I had read about a lot of programs (like regionfrii and brickblocker), but some of them seems outdated.

    So, my question is: If i do exactly what the tutorial for softmodding says (im planning to follow shadosonic tutorial from this forum, since im assuming it will be a 4.2 wii), what more i need to do to safely run PAL games without risk of bricking?

    Sorry if its a repeated question, i tried to search on forum, but got more confused.

    Do i need to patch the iso with some program, or priiloader and other reccomended installs can play any region without patching?

    (Ill de using usb loader, not planning to run any disc, since im expecting a blocked motherboard)

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    Neo Gamma or USB Loader GX have options to FORCE the game to your region. It's within those settings of a given backup loader. The ones you mentioned are indeed outdated.


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