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Thread: Bricked wii, need help...

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    Question Bricked wii, need help...

    A while back i posted a thread about my wii being bricked.

    I got the Black screen, no connection problem. I assumed it was to do with the bluetooth module after it was suggested.

    It's happened before on the same wii and i had it sent off to get it fixed. I then decided to put homebrew on the wii, and it worked great for ages and i was able to play back up games on it and everything (woohoo).
    However about a week after the last time i hacked it (i was using a backed up copy of rockband 2) i got the previously mentioned black screen, no connection problem.

    I did try some of the suggested nand backup things E.T.C... but nothing worked, so before i buy a new module, is it most likely to be the bluetooth module?

    Please help, and thanks in advance.

    (also if i have posted this in the wrong area, don't kill me it just seemed like the right place to put this thread)

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    Can you savemiifrii into recovery mod?
    Can you load HBC via bootmii? Can you load a game from there?
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    It turned out it was a bluetooth module failure, it was actually very simple to fix. thanks for helping anyway

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