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Thread: Wii System Menu Black screen on non boot2 Bootmii wii

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    Wii System Menu Black screen on non boot2 Bootmii wii

    I was wondering, can this be fixed? Is there some way to fix the System menu, or am i stuck with using Priiloader to load all my games and loading the homebrew channel? I would appreciate the help VERY much.

    I softmodded my wii today (2nd time softmodding) followed the 4.2 for any wii guide, and it seemed to work fine. I loaded up my USB Loader GX, and when i tried to start SSBB it froze the wii. I restarted and only got a black screen. I then loaded into Priiloader, and the HBC works fine, my system menu is just gone...

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    Moved into the Bricked Section. OP: you should be able to utilize HBC to load wad manager and reinsert the System Menu. Take a look at the stickies in this section; also might want to figure out if 4.2E, U, K, etc.

    Edit: you may want to perform an IOS scan as described here and post the results in-thread.
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    LOL... um i fixed it using the GC method

    What exactly does the GC method do? I tried searching but all i got was a bunch of hacking guides or something that had nothing to do with it at all, like loading PoP

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    IDK what you did, and am generally not considered the most qualified on brick fixing --- that'd be mauifrog or Teal'C.


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