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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy 2 PAL IOS

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 PAL IOS

    Does Super Mario Galaxy 2 PAL use the same IOS56 V5405 as the NTSC version, i have the NTSC game working OK, but the PAL game comes up with a systems update.

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    Same IOS yes. But the PAL game and NTSC game will have different region system menus. DON'T update from an out of region game! Do you not have priiloader installed?
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    Once again, there's a guide for this game (whether PAL or NTSC) as well as instructions about blocking the disc-based update (something you'd want to do, otherwise it'll update you to 4.2 or if @ 4.2 most likely render any softmod useless til you resoftmod).


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