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Thread: Burning problem or what?

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    Burning problem or what?

    well.. got a chip on my wii since yesterday (Wii Wasp - D2PRO clon ) fellas who installed it tried it with some backups and worked but now when I burn my own backups with Verbatim -R + ImgBurn at 4x and put them in the wii it says smth like "error opening disc, eject the disk turn off the wii and try again" I think my verbatim are a fake so i tried with other verbatim I burned them with alcohol %120 at 4x and it simply doesnt read it(no black error screen) I dont know if is my chip my media my software i dont have any idea please guys help me

    UPDATE: now im trying with Philips +R made in taiwan (was that or verbatim +R from india, yes is hard as hell to find a verebatim from japan)...
    Is not a good day, when i was burning the disk light went off I'm extremely angry

    UPDATE 2: Tried with Imation +R(I found it in my house ) and it worked!!!! thank you guys lol
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    I'm glad you found DVD disc that worked for you.

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    I would recommend to keep trying to find a better media, imation afaik uses cmc magnets which isnt a very good dye either.
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    How to...

    Downloaded game Super Mario All Stars...
    the .rar file was converted to .wad
    then burned on disc...
    help... am a newbie
    says disc cannot be read...

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    Why did you convert it to a .wad? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spyman View Post
    I would recommend to keep trying to find a better media, imation afaik uses cmc magnets which isnt a very good dye either.
    yes, that's the idea but it's kind of hard...when i search for verbatim -R they are all made in India(already tried 2 kinds of verbatim and none of them worked seems that here they are all fake) what other media do you recommend?(and where is the best place for it to be made?) Thank you(and excuse me for my bad english if I made horrible mistakes lol)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiiwouldliketohack View Post
    Why did you convert it to a .wad? lol
    I didn't...
    The .rar decompressor program did (used 7-zip)


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