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    have a problem with just dance on usb loader ,when clicking on play the wii restarts instead of running game ,all my other isos work including monster hunter but just dance did work before i installed new isos for monster hunter to work help i,ve reinstalled soft mod 4.2 and tried cioscorp 3.6 but still nothing,also tried u loader and wii flow but not working on them either any help out there would be great....thanks

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    Is this the only game? Could be a bad Iso. I have no problem playing this game from cfg, wiiflow or gx usb and disc via neogamma.

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    Hrmmm there was no need to load cIOSCorp to try that game.... anyway... Try Burning the ISO to a disk and try to launch with Neogamma
    Also take the ISO off your HDD and then re-put it on there to see if it got corruped on the drive somehow....


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