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Thread: Wii ejects discs

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    Wii ejects discs

    Hi guys,

    I was playing my Wii, then an error message popped up stating that the disc cannot be read, and eject the disc. So I did, and then after that the Wii could no longer read Wii discs. I just pop a disc in, the Wii will try to read it once, semi-ejects it, read it again and then fully eject the disc out. However, it can still read GameCube discs.

    Any help? Thanks!

    Is this a hardware problem?

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    I will try to cover everything here

    1) used cheap (junk) media
    2) used good media, but burned incorrectly
    3) bad ISO burnt to the disk
    4) dirty DVD laser lens inside of the Wii.

    That should cover it, unless anybody has anything else to add.

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    Sadifn, do you mean rejecting original Wii disks?

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    It rejects original and burnt discs. I notice the disc is not fully inserted the cd drive. Gamecube discs are the only thing my Wii accepts right now, so I think this is a hardware problem. The game I was playing on was Monster Hunter Tri, which sometimes gives me a black screen stating the disc cannot be read and need to reboot the Wii.

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    Sounds like a hardware issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sadifn View Post
    I notice the disc is not fully inserted the cd drive.
    Mechanical in nature. You'd need to see why this is so; worst case, replace the drive.


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