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Thread: Accidentally updated after a softmod.

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    Exclamation Accidentally updated after a softmod.

    Hey there.

    Okay, so I used the softmod tutorial on here for 4.2U and everything worked perfectly. I usually have ZERO success with this kind of stuff, so I was super proud of that accomplishment.

    However, last night I had friends over, got drunk, and decided to load up some Call o' Duty Modern Warfare Reflex, and when I was setting up my apartments new wireless connection, I accidentally Okay'd a Check for Updates prompt. A little bar filled up and completed, and we all expected the wii to be bricked, but it's fine. My WAD's work, my emulators, etc. However, NEOGAMMA goes to a black screen if I try to load it and the wiimote turns off, and if I try to run the WAD Manager, it freezes when mounting my SD card.

    My friends are all suggesting I just re-mod the wii, but screw that. I have all these cracked out IOS programs, Priiloader, Bootmii, etc. I feel like there's something there that can remedy this a lot easier.

    I reformatted my SD card to Fat32 again and put everything back on but nothing changed.

    Any suggestions? Prease?

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    Re-Mod. Easiest solution. Your friends are right. Don't drink and mess with your wii, haha.
    Damn I suck!!!!


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