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Thread: Alright, newb with some questions:

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    Post Alright, newb with some questions:

    Yeah, I know about mod chips. I had an old Xbox that I modded and ran Linux on.

    I have a new mod chip coming from Canadamods. Should be here in a few days, already cleared customs. Just had a few basic questions maybe someone will be so kind to either answer or post a link that might have the info needed. I have no problem reading, or searching, I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to be searching for. Found answers to my questions that just lead to more questions.

    1. With a mod chip (namely the Wiizard) can you load NES and SNES games via an SD card or do you transfer them over via DVD? If so, does this require homebrew? Will said games show up on the VC or are they playable from...where?

    2. I've read about people worried about bricking their wii by trying to play a game that is not region formatted. Is there any truth to this?

    3. How about playing games (ie, guitar hero) via a connection to a friend. I have a modded wii and a backup disc, he has the original game. Are they compatible?

    4.What, exactly, are Wii friend codes used for? Do they have any in game advantage or is it just a chance to exchange mii's and such?

    5. More of just a general question...what are some of your favorite games for Wii? I just really started to get into mine and am looking for different types of games that might be interesting and/or absurd.

    If you can help a noob out and answer some of these questions, I'd greatly appreciate it!


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    1. It depends how you want to load them, ie through VC or through gamecube mode. via GC mode its done by putting the roms on the dvd. For VC I believe you install them via sd, visit the homebrew section on this site for step by step tuts.

    2. This can happen if playing a game from a different region. ie you have a US wii, and then you get a Pal/Jap game and do the update from it, = semi bricked. Stick to your own region is my recommendation, easiest thing to do and assures you no problems.

    3. Yes, I don't see why it wouldnt be. You can play backups and originals.

    4. Just to add your friends to play against online...

    5. Mario Kart, SMG, SPM

    Hope you enjoy and if you have any specific questions about installing the wiizard send me a PM.
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