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Thread: Getting to Know Dop-Mii

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    Getting to Know Dop-Mii

    Source:dop-mii - Project Hosting on Google Code
    WiiBrew:Dop-Mii ..WiiBrew

    Load DOP-Mii VIA Bannerbomb Method:
    3.1-4.1 Users...Dop-Mii_v12_CB2_BB1.rar

    Use at your own risk - Dop-Mii can brick your Wii
    Never delete or remove an IOS below IOS200

    Dop-Mii Capabilities:
    • Install or Delete any IOS including STUBs
    • Update Your mIOS
    • Install/Upgrade/Delete the following channels
    • Shopping Channel
    • News Channel
    • Weather Channel
    • Photo Channel 1.0 & 1.1
    • Mii Channel
    • Install any System Menu
    • Install an IOS that accepts Fake Signing on a Wii that doesn't have one with a single button press
    • Display your Wii's boot2 information
    • Upgrade your Wii's boot2 if applicable.
    • Receive a detailed report on your Wii's internal workings

    Control the program using the WiiMote, Classic Controller, or GameCube controller.


    Ios36fakesigned(for modchip users) or ios249(waninkoko's cios should be used if your wii is softmoded)

    [SPOILER="Loading Dop-Mii"]1.Extract the .rar and put the dop-mii folder in apps folder on your SD.Open Homebrew Channel then select and load Dop-mii....You should be greeted with this.


    Press A to continue...

    On the second screen


    1.You need a fakesigned IOS to run Dop-mii....Usually used/recommended are cIOS=IOS249/250 or IOS36/236
    2.You can install IOS36 with fakesign a very good alternate to TBR...(you need IOS36fakesigned so you can install the cIOS also known as IOS249)
    3.Syscheck scans your Wii for IOS and patches. When the scan is done, you'll have a .csv file on the root of your SD card. Open it with notepad etc and you can view the installed IOSes and their revisions and also which IOS has what patches.

    DSC01861.JPG[/SPOILER][SPOILER="1.Update your IOS (apply patches) & MIOS"]1.Update your IOS (apply patches) & MIOS


    1.In the left top corner is the IOS you're viewing; you press left right on the remote to list through. Underneath is the version you chose to install..In the right top corner it tells you which revision you have installed...

    2.In the middle you'll have info about the IOS if it's a stub..if you can apply patches etc
    Out of Nintendo IOS only IOS36 and IOS60(IOS60patched) should have all three patches.

    3.You DON'T update IOS249,250,222,223 with Dop-Mii. It uses NUS(Nintendo Update Server) so if you update those IOSes through dop-mii you will get a stub (deletes your cIOS) which you then have to delete by pressing minus on the Wiimote and running the cIOS installer again...

    NEVER delete/uninstall any IOS below 200.....[/SPOILER][SPOILER="2.Update Your Wii Nintendo Channels."]2.Update Your Wii Nintendo Channels.


    In top left corner chose what channel you want to update and your region..right top corner what rev you have already. These are big files so might take 5 min or so.[/SPOILER][SPOILER="3.Updating Your System Menu"]3.Updating Your System Menu


    1.Top left..Chose which system Menu and region in right top it'll tell you what Sys Menu you have and what region.

    It will also install the the needed System Menu IOS...if you're on system menu below 4.1..Useful for you if you ever wish to update....

    There is No NEED to BE on 4.2...[/SPOILER][SPOILER="4. Boot2 Version.."]4. Boot2 Version..
    There is no need to update boot2,if your on beta3 but if you do you'll have to reinstall bootmii again...[/SPOILER]

    Out of Nintendo IOS only IOS36 and IOS60Patched (4.0-4.1) or IOS70Patched(4.2) or IOS80(4.3) should have all three patches.

    This app is useful if you have Internet access on your Wii....

    (if not, then use NUSD)

    Krank(dop-mii cb2)

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    Very nice, it's about time we had a DOP-Mii Guide. One suggestion...

    Out of Nintendo IOS only IOS36 and IOS60(IOS60patched) should have all three patches.
    If anyone follows Maui's guide or Ithians "Uninstall cIOSCORP" Guide they Will have IOS38, 53 and 55 with all 3 patches which won't hurt anything. I had mine patched a long time ago. Just so people don't think they need to reinstall them.

    4.2 users will/should also have IOS70 patched.
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    Since DOP-Mii can display certain verions of IOSs and System Menus is it possible 2 extract those certain IOSs/System Menus?? lol Or could u have that option in the next release?? lol

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    Just use NUSD to download those to your PC: NUS Downloader

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    ahh you can use NUSD for that


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    Ya I know but u can't download IOS4-64-v259.wad, IOS9-64-v518.wad, and IOS40-64-v2835!! lol Also System Menu 1.0 or 3.3K!! lol

    EDIT: I'm on SM 4.2U and went 2 the Shop Channel and I was hit with an option 2 update 2 SM 4.3 so I didn't (Thank GOD!!) so I want 2 know is can I just update the Wii Shop Channel w/o updating 2 SM 4.3 if so how?? lol
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    You already posted in the thread of Dop-Mii, if you use the program (I'm assuming you already softmodded your wii) you get the option to download and install the newest shopping channel.

    I downloaded the newest shopping channel without upgrading from 4.1E and it's working without updating.

    Don't recklessly use this program though, it can brick your wii if you don't use it right. Having bootmii as boot2 is a great thing to recover from bricks (make sure to make a nand backup before you change anything though, it's not as useful if you don't have a backup)
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  8. #8'd just before to you on another thread.. now I appear here..

    I tried an update on a 3.2 to 4.0. To cut a long story short it failed on 'Shopping' installation. -1010 error. Thank go that wii is not bricked.

    Should I try using DOP-Mii? Update or delete Shopping channel first? I would like to pick your brains...
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    Quote Originally Posted by drvipej View Post'd just before to you on another thread.. now I appear here..
    Hmmm... a user who doesn't acknowledge or respect the "*We are always busy..*ONLY Forum Donators... can PM Staff at this time if u pm me for better be a Forum donator" attached to a staff member. Be very careful with this, it can get you into trouble.

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    i dont know what error 1010 is ...

    to be on safe side use nusd and install the wads with wad manager ...ios60patched.wad then SM ll need to install ios61 Shop channel needs it to run

    he didnt pm...he asked a Q in uloader thread
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