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Thread: problem with wii settings menu

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    Exclamation problem with wii settings menu

    ok when i go into wii settings it goes to a black screen i downgraded for the mymenuify and for the wad manger i got bootmii2 as well is there any way to fix this i got frim wear 4.2 any help plz
    p.s when i choose the them back to normal it make wierd staitc sound like if my tv speakers busted but its only for the normal theam

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    p.s when i choose the them back to normal

    I know your excited but try to take a little more time to convey your problem clearly or else no one will be able to help you. This post almost makes no sense at all.

    Regarding your Wii Settings Issue, Search the forumsand see what you come up with. ("Live search" at the top right corner of the page)
    Damn I suck!!!!


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