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Thread: Wii best gun

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    Wii best gun

    I have metroid prime corruption 3 and i am gonna buy medal of honour 2 and call of duty modern reflex ( the latest call of duty for wii) and conduit , i played metroid 3 and i couldnt even shoot a enemy, i changed the setting but still so i am looking a WII gun which improves aiming and accuracy so can you people suggest me some good guns. i have played resisdent evil 4 that was easy for me to shoot.

    I have heard about zapper and perfect shot and wii blaster and other wii gun but cant decide which is best.. and perfect shot is hard to find and its third party stuff so i didnt buy as i was afraid that it might not work so help me out which gun to use to play Conduit, medal of honour and COD reflex


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    A different "gun" or gaming peripheral will not improve your ability to aim. Aiming and camera sensitivity for those games can be changed within the options menu to suite ones needs. They usually provide a VAST range of settings so you can customize it the way you like it. Personally I feel MOH, COD and The Conduit are much better "aiming wise" then resident evil, but like I said this all depends on personal opinion. Experiment with the settings that work best for you.

    Also Resident evil 4 is NOT a First person game so it is very different in regards to aiming and the way the player views the action.
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