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Thread: Advice on newer wii apps needed please

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    Thumbs up Advice on newer wii apps needed please

    Hello and thanks for your time.

    I have a older wii 3.2U that i modded a year or so ago and havent done much with since then.

    I update the cIOS occasionally as i play new games thru usb loaders and i would install wiiware wads and use emulators for nes snes etc. but thats about the extent of it. use mplayer on occasion.

    Ive noticed theres alot of new cool stuff out and i am curious as to what else i should do. first off i want to mod my theme, that darkwii black theme is sweet and i got boot2 and no the risks so im ok there, a good guide would be nice though. every guide i find uses NUS downloader which cant connect remotely to the server so i cant get past step 2 or so in any guide i find. any advice would be nice.

    also, my memory issue sucks. i have to keep deleting my n64 wads for save game space. I have seen things like SNEEK and triforce, but which is better and which should i use? I would love to load wiiware off of usb hard drive to free up my wii memory for other things, so any reccomendations on which app to use, (or both?) there would be quite appreciative. (a link or suggestion of a guide would be nice too)

    and i just read a thread about loading wiiware from config usb loader, should i bypass the SNEEK and triforce and use this instead? what do most of you guys run on your wiis and enjoy the most?

    i have ps3 so i use that to stream movies, the wii cant take HD movies and alot of my library is that, but is there anything else i could be using on my wii that I am not? is there anything else I am missing out on so to speak?

    Thanks all and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    5,071 ll want to have priiloader installed easier to fix in case you mess up

    i use sneek it.... easier to load you can test your themes on it ....its compatible with all vc/wiiware...

    really your choice what you prefer their is a new guide by emuhack look at the recent blog

    you might want to learn about dop-mii,loadstructor, and look into wiimc
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    thanks for the reply Cile.

    have you by chance used the wiiware thru usb loader yet? does anyone know if that works for all games? i have heard sneek works with all and triforce doesnt, what about this new method thru usb loader?

    i do really appreciate a response cile i am hoping so one who has tried all can same something, i just dont want to spend alot of time doing this and realize i picked the wrong app that doesnt get continued and have to redo the process a month or two down the road.

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    Loading ISO forwarders uses Triiforce (As mentioned in emuhacks new guide).
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    Damn I suck!!!!

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    vc/wiiware usb loading is based of triiforce so same compability

    krank@ there already UNEEK to load from usb (i haven't had time or will to try it out)
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    ahhh its based off of triforce i didnt catch that initially... its not in the good but later on down in a post i didnt go down that far.

    so it seems sneek is best then eh for usb loading of wiiware/VC for compatability thanks for heads up


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