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Thread: Wii has black screen!

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    Wii has black screen!

    Ok so here is the deal. I had 4.2U and discovered it wasnt very good for hacking after hacking my wii with usb loader gx. So i decided to downgrade, so i went to 3.2U successfully, then attempted to upgrade to 4.1U. My wii had said it was successful, so i pressed the a button for it to restart it appeared my wii froze after waiting for 5 minutes, so i powered it off hoping it didn't brick. It restarted and it comes up with a straight black screen i have a source its just a blank black screen. I am not sure what type of brick this is. I recently bought two third party controllers from ROSS before this happened. I heard about the save mii frii solution but when i press the buttons i get no version at the bottom right of the screen. I also installed bootmii when i modded it, it said i installed it as boot2 but when i start my wii i get no bootmii. Help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for the help in the future.

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    Backup and format your sd-card
    Extract to sd-card
    Boot the wii
    What happens?

    Do you have a nand backup?

    Edit: I am off to bed
    If wadmanager loads, select ios249- press A

    If wadmanager does not start, you are pretty screwed. You are bricked because you installed system menu 4.1 without installing ios60-v6174 first. The guide you followed by written by an idiot, perhaps you did not read it well or the is just crap- either way what you did was a FAIL.

    If you can't get ios60 installed and only have black screen, you can't fix this without a nand programmer.
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