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Thread: Triiforce - problem connecting to the internet in Wiiware game

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    Triiforce - problem connecting to the internet in Wiiware game

    Hi, I've hacked my 4.2e Wii using Messie's guide and installed Triiforce. It works perfectly apart from when I tried to access the online leaderboard in Mega Man 9 it failed to connect to the internet. I've run a test and the Wii can connect to the internet fine. When I tried in Mega Man 9 it stayed on the connecting screen for a a long time then tells me it couldn't connect.

    When I installed the game wad directly without Triiforce I was able to connect to the internet and view the online leaderboard.

    Is it normal for games run through Triiforce not to be able to connect to the internet?
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    I have also experienced that the Wii won't connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi when running wads through Triiforce. If this is something you really want/require then you should check out "SNEEK". It allows you to connect to the Internet, and it has better compatibility, aswell.


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