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Thread: Problems loading from USB

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    Problems loading from USB

    Sorry i'm sure you get lots of these questions but I couldn't seem to find the solution so ill ask here

    I've formatted part of my hdd using WBFS 3.0 and added some wii games sucsessfully

    However i'm having some problems with usb loaders, USB loader GX displays a loading screen for a split second then crashes after hitting start I haven't installed any software myself yet as it all came with the wii so i'm not sure what version is being used as I cant access the program.

    Anyway I can load games from USB using neogamma which is R8 beta 15, ( IOS249 rev 14 ) and some games seems to work fine like resident evil 4 but others run and let me into the game menu's etc but then crash after trying to start the gameplay (meteroid trilogy, wario ware)

    So i was wondering what might be going wrong with these programs or if i should just use a different loader/different version etc


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    You may need to upgrade IOS249 to rev 17 for USB_Loader_GX. MPT is a difficult game to get running anyway and without knowing what`s installed it`s just guess work.

    I suggest you use an app called Dop-mii or SysCheck to find out what IOS`s you have on your Wii, also the System menu version of the Wii would be helpfull.

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    Hey, thanks for your help
    the system version is 3.2E
    ill find out the IOS's as soon as I figure out how to load apps without an sd card

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    Krank has a thread for "Problematic Games," I suggest you search and find it as a couple you are having problems with require a little extra work to get going correctly. MPT is a good example, Rev 14 IOS 249 ain't gonna get that one (Rev 17 would, though).

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    Hey thanks that was really useful, i guessed most of the games i couldn't get to work were problematic, like meteroid for being dual layer and redsteel 2 as it was region free, i might try getting a different copy of wario ware
    Hopefully I can just steer away from those games and not have to worry about updating software does smash bros brawl run ok from usb loader?


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