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Thread: Mario Galaxy 2 Saved games

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    Question Mario Galaxy 2 Saved games

    Ok. Fairly new but I can say I did search the forums before posting. So thanks for you help in advance.

    My system is 4.2u and is softmod. I have a seagate 250g harddrive that I use to load my games. Everything has been working perfectly and still does but with 1 game. I have 3 saved game sessions for Mario Galaxy 2 on the internal drive of the Wii. When I put in the DVD, launch Neo Gama and run the game from DVD everything works fine. I get to the screen to load the game and select any of the 3 I want. The problem is if i launch the game from the hard drive I see the same 3 saved sessions but I'm not able to click on them. I'm able to go back to the Wii menu with no problems. I have the same issue with using USB Loader. All the other games I have such as Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros, etc. work just fine and I can select any saved game. The only thing I have done differently was installed a new game that I got which was Lego Batman. I could see that being a problem if Mario Galaxy 2 didn't start up or didn't see the saved files. But since it does but just doesn't allow me to click them I'm not sure what it could be.

    Again thanks for you time.

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    You may want to decide which way you want to play the game, from USB or disc, if the game saves are not compatible. I had that problem with the conduit, first I played the game from disc and created a game save. Then when I installed it to USB HDD I could not access the game save created with the disc, so I deleted the game save created with the disc since I play all my games from USB.

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    Thanks for the reply. Since Mario Galaxy 2 wanted me to update my system when I first put it in, and since i like USB loader, I chose to load up USB Loader and install the game and have been playing off the drive this whole time. I only stuck the disc in last night to see if the saved file on the Wii was corrupted. Since it worked on the disc I'm assuming it's not. So if I created all 3 saved files from running the game from the USB drive through USB Loader then what could cause it to no longer like the files, but it does display them?


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