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Thread: Installing Gecko OS

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    Installing Gecko OS

    I am trying to install Gecko OS, however in the homebrew channel, nothing shows up except the bubbly background. My wii version is 4.2u and i was told for this I need Gecko OS 1.9.1 however this did not work either.

    Here is how my SD card Looks:


    One issue suggested is that boot.elf should be boot.dol. I have tried using the ELF to DOL converter but the file type dosen't change. It stays boot.elf

    I have also tried installing Homebrew Browser to fix my problem of being unable to change the boot.elf file and here is the SD card setup:


    Still nothing shows up on the homebrew channel.

    Please help and thanks in advance.

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    What guide did you use to softmod? Why not use neogamma or usbloaderGX?

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    My ultimate goal is to use texture hacks on my Super Smash Bros. Brawl game. The guide I have used so far for hacking is in this video:YOU TUBE REMOVED
    from 0:00-1:15
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    Make an apps folder on the root of the sd card, place the gecko folder in that. It should then show up in homebrew if it's like all other apps. I've never really used. it. We don't support guides from other sites and usually tear our hair out when we see youtube videos since they are often out of date and risky.

    PS: Please don't link to external guides.

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    That didn't work either. With Homebrew Channel 9 all apps (with a few exceptions) must be boot.dol while my gecko app is boot.elf. Do you know of a way to change it to boot.dol?


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