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Thread: NOOB requires help with iOmega HDD

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    NOOB requires help with iOmega HDD

    Hi All,

    I have soft modded my Wii 4.2E from this site, I can run a 2.5 laptop HDD in a USB Caddy with Wii Flow all OK, I have now obtained a larger 3.5 external USB HDD (iOmega) - I followed all the same rules as the 2.5 laptop, all folders/partitions match exactly, but my Wii will not recognize it.

    Any advices/help would be much appreciated.

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    some simple suggestions, not to seem condescending. 1. make sure your iomega is on the compatibility list under recommended faqs. I looked and saw some but you didn't supply a model number. 2. make sure your format is right (either wbfs or fat 32). 3. make sure your drives are set to primary and active.

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    Thanks for your reply - the iOmega Model No is MDHD320-U. As I previously advised the partitions are set up exactly as my Fajitsu 2.5 laptop set in a USB caddy - the games have transfered showing all the correct tags. - I shall do some more reading and keep batting my head against a brick wall - cheers.


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